Code of Conduct

Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust is part of a proud tradition of supporting education for disadvantaged children that goes back centuries. Our aim is to give the pupils in our schools the best possible education that we can and to equip them with the skills, experiences and opportunities to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Being part of that tradition, and building on it, matters to us. Our name and our reputation are important because they stand for a set of values that tell others what they can expect from us. In turn, those values define the behaviours that we expect from each other: they help us to be successful and underpin what it means to be part of the Drapers’ and the Queen Mary family. To put it simply, we work together in ways that support our aim and avoid behaviour that undermines it – otherwise, we will not only fail in our vision but have a pretty miserable time of it as well.

This is why we have developed the Code of Conduct. It sets out our vision, our values and our standards, and points you to the detailed policies that support the more general principles. Taken together, these documents give you all the information you need to manage your daily activities as part of the family of schools in the Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust. They not only set out the way we expect people to behave; they also reflect the principles that should be applied when there are difficult decisions to be made and guidance is not clear or available.

You should follow this Code of Conduct and its related policies at all times. Nothing should ever compromise your commitment to the highest standards of behaviour and “doing the right thing”. We all count on each other to protect our reputation for integrity.

Thank you for playing your part in this shared commitment.


Mr Tim Page

View the current Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust Code of Conduct Policy

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