The Trust

Drapers' Multi-Academy Trust was formed on 1st July 2014. 

The Trust adopted new Articles of Association at this time, and entered into a Master Funding Agreement for its existing Academy Schools.


When the Trust agreed with the Secretary of State to open a Free School, a second master Funding Agreement was required for this school, and all future schools.


On 1st September 2016, two additional schools joined the Trust, and this required a consolidated single new Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Funding Agreements to replace the previous agreement.  The Articles of Association remain unchanged.  These new Funding documents are:



The Trust Board has ultimate accountablity for the schools and they exercise this accountability through Trust Board meetings, and Local Governing Bodies for each school.  The Local Governing Bodies have their authority defined by the Scheme of Delegation.

In addition to the Local Governing Bodies, the Trust Board has established three committees which are listed below, with their Terms of Reference.