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24th October 2022 Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust

The Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust has today advertised for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with an anticipated start date of 1st September 2023.  Our new CEO will replace Bushra Nasir, who is stepping down, after what will be more than 5 years of leading the Trust in transforming education in Harold Hill.  We are very grateful for the experience and impressive knowledge that Bushra has brought to the Trust over this time.

Since the Trust was created in 2014, we have grown to five schools serving nearly 2400 learners aged 3 to 18. This appointment will provide a wonderful opportunity for a committed and professional educator to work across the whole age range.  The CEO will be directly responsible for shaping the experiences of children from the start of their education to when they take their next steps either into further education or the world of work. Our new CEO will continue the proud tradition and history of the Drapers’ Company in promoting and supporting education within those communities facing the most significant of challenges. Alongside our partner sponsor, Queen Mary University of London, the Trust is uniquely placed to change lives and make a significant difference every day for every child. 

It is expected that the new CEO will work full-time to drive and shape the future of the Trust.

The new CEO will be responsible for delivering the Board's vision, of which the key strategic aims are as follows:

  • Continued improvement in the quality of education, including the development of a Trust School Improvement Model;
  • An increase in the number of learners benefitting from the Trust’s resources and expertise;
  • Financial stability and sustainability, including the development of shared services across the Trust schools; 
  • Strong partnerships to enhance the Trust’s impacts and enable growth.

Our sponsor, the Drapers’ Company, will help to finance this full-time role in the short-term, thus ensuring that any additional money needed is not taken from existing school funds. The post of CEO will have a profound impact on all the learners and staff for whom the Trust is responsible and will implement the Government’s Schools White Paper, which has set ambitious targets to level up standards across the educational sector.


Benedict Dunhill

Chair of the Trust Board

24 October 2022

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