Friends of Drapers' Schools

The Friends of Drapers’ Schools (FODS) is formed to incorporate representatives from all schools that are a part of Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust. 
The objective of the association will be to raise money and support the schools and our children.
a. Half of funds raised will be used towards the cost of  leaver’s functions in order to celebrate the transition of each child through the school, from primary onwards and into further education,
b. The remaining funds will be used to provide more permanent items that the schools will find useful and benefit all pupils/students.  Our first purchase for Drapers’ Academy will be a large wooden gazebo or pergola.  This needs to be large enough to accommodate a class of pupils so that outdoor learning becomes a possibility.  Pupils will also be able to use the shaded area at break and lunch times.  We are awaiting confirmation from Drapers’ Brookside Junior School and Drapers’ Maylands Primary School as to what they would like for their schools.
However, at present we are very small in number. This makes running fundraising events a difficult if not impossible task.
You can see from our objectives we have quite big ideas that will benefit all of the schools.  If you would like to be involved in FODS and become a part of the Trusts community please contact