Drapers' Academy pupils in Youth Parliament Election

We are delighted to announce that two Drapers' Academy pupils have been shortlisted for the Havering Youth Parliament. They have been included in the boroughs six member short list and they will be campaigning to become the next member of Havering Youth Parliament. The two pupils are Daisy Robins, Year 9, and Sam Mallen, Year 11.
Daisy is determined to ensure that the young people of Havering have a voice to highlight issues they see in society. Daisy is standing in the Havering Youth Parliament election as see wants to become the advocate for these opinions and help improve the lives and broaden the opportunities for every young person in Havering.
Sam is similar to Daisy as he seeks to become the public profile for the young people in Havering. He has acknowledged that young people may have a certain perception in the community. Sam wants to work towards raising the profile of young people, achieve greater recreational facilities and better prosperity.
Pupils from all secondary schools across Havering have applied to be shortlisted for this prestigious role. To progress to this next stage and become one of six candidates shortlisted is an achievement in itself. The campaigning for the role begins this month and the voting opens in March. We would like to congratulate both Sam and Daisy and wish them luck in the upcoming months.  

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